Hand Tied Wefts vs. Machine Wefts

Before we talk about wefts, let me introduce this blog ! Aight, so boom. I’m a hair educator. Specifically, THE Extension Educator. These blogs are for stylists and others in the cosmetology industry who are looking to refine their skills through continuing education. A majority of the content, however, will be for other stylists whoContinue reading “Hand Tied Wefts vs. Machine Wefts”

K-Tip Extensions

K-tip extensions or keratin fusion extensions are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to hair extensions. The lightweight, strand-for-strand extension method is virtuously seamless ! K-Tip Benefits They’re undetectable due to the small keratin bonds throughout the hair. Since there is no cylinder holding the hair in place it is more flatContinue reading “K-Tip Extensions”