Microlinks and More

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Now, Stylists ! If you’re new to the world of cosmetology or interested in specializing in extensions, this one is for you ! You probably see a ton of jargon when you’re looking into extensions. Microlinks, nbr, hand-tied wefts, beaded rows… Well, what are they exactly ?!

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

As different as they all may sound, the gag is, they are all exactly the same. So how did we come to know this method by so many different names ? Different stylists around the world looked to differentiate themselves and coined their own name for the same style. Sometimes they’d add a little twist to the method but still, it’s the same thing.

And Then There’s Me Doing Microlinks

As a stylist who caters to all hair textures, I’ve noticed that the name tends to vary based on the ethnicity of the person, but again I can assure you that it is all the same thing. You’ll mostly see me referring to them as microlinks ! What’s cool about these extensions is that is can be customized to each individual person based on the density and the texture of their hair.

They’re really good on women who have fine textured hair, specifically. There are about 8 different methods of installation that can be used. It varies on a case by case basis. I’ll talk about this in depth during class for the Mastery Academy ! Each method allows the extensions (or tracks) to lay completely flat to the scalp. Therefore, giving off the most realistic appearance as possible, while causing no damage to the integrity of the natural hair.

Some Microlinks Methods

Some of the methods require thread. It’s super easy to confuse them with traditional sewins. But the awesome part is that with microlinks there are no braids required first. This aids in making sure the added hair lays flat and gives a more natural look and feel. Others are threadless which allows for maximum safety as a result of less tension from said thread.

My favorite thing about microlinks is that there is absolutely no pain after your install ! Which many of us know, is not the case for braids first. I also love that you have access to always get to your natural hair for proper cleaning and treatments,. Last but not least, you are literally able to protect your clients edges ! Which is huge for Black Women !

Luxury Hair

These extensions are luxury and they do require maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks. This regular maintenance appointments keep your clients hair nice and healthy. Please feel free to comment your questions below, and keep in mind that the best way for me to answer your personal questions is with a consultation. I hope this was helpful !


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