Hand Tied Wefts vs. Machine Wefts

Before we talk about wefts, let me introduce this blog ! Aight, so boom. I’m a hair educator. Specifically, THE Extension Educator. These blogs are for stylists and others in the cosmetology industry who are looking to refine their skills through continuing education. A majority of the content, however, will be for other stylists who are looking to also specialize in extensions.

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This first blog will cover one of the most basic things you need to know before offering extension services; the difference between hand-tied and machine wefts. Wefts are what many of us simply refer to as bundles.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand tied wefts are a very thin weft or track. They’re typically made of 100% virgin human hair that is sewn together by hand to go around the head. Since they’re so thin you can stack three to four pieces on one row. This adds more fullness depending on the clients density of their natural hair. Hand tied wefts are often best for fine to medium density hair. Since they lay so flat to the scalp they are virtually undetectable, which is what clients care about most !

Machine Wefts

Machine tied wefts are the same quality of hair, 100% virgin remy, but made by a machine. They tend to be more full in density, and are great for clients who have more full, coarse hair to match. It is important to know which texture is best for your clients hair, of course. Consulting with an extension specialist prior to purchasing your hair is best if you are unsure due to being a beginner. You can definitely reach out to me !

The Difference

The rise in popularity of hand-tied wefts instead of machine wefts has everyone discussing which is the best. One of my favorite methods of extensions to add instant length and volume to the hair is sew in wefts. This method uses small cylinders to safely secure the clients natural hair. Thread is used to sew the extensions to the clients natural hair that is secured by the cylinder.

This particular method last six to eight weeks before in-salon maintenance is required. The cylinder is opened and the dead hair shed is removed. Then, the cylinder is tightened back up, and your off for another six to eight weeks of beautiful hair. This hair can be shampooed, blown dry, and styled as you would your own hair. Using quality hair products, brushing regularly, and keeping up with you maintenance appointments will keep your extensions beautiful.

Hybrid Installs

Sometimes in order to achieve the look your clients want, wefts aren’t enough. If you check out my Instagram you’ll see tons of hybrid installs ! That can look like both wefts and itips or using beads instead of braids to attach the wefts to the hair. We’ll talk more about that at a later date ! Make sure you’re following me so that you don’t miss it.

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