Textured I-Tips and Tricks

The more that I install textured I-tipss, the more well rounded I become on different textures. We all want flawless hair. There is nothing more frustrating than paying hundreds of dollars for your dream hair for it to be a nightmare ! You know the look that I’m talking about. Super sleek dreamy extensions, with sheep wool roots! Well guess what?!! The code has officially been cracked for you! Thank me later .

Textured Hair

The key to having flawless hair is making sure that once your natural hair fluffs, your extensions do too. My favorite texture for ethnic hair is anything kinky! Kinky curly and kinky straight! The results are so natural that you’ll even forget that you’re wearing extensions, and that’s the look we all want.

For my straight hair beauties its always best to have double drawn virgin remy hair. The reason for double drawn hair is to have extensions with a full density for a better blend. Single drawn just doesn’t provide that full voluminous look that we want. I’ve done extensive research to be sure I provide the best quality hair on the market for you.

Important Reasons

One of the most important reasons for being sure to have the right texture is to keep from having to apply constant heat to blend. Once you are 100% sure that you do have the right texture match styling will be a breeze. I suggest using Flexi rods to prevent heat damage to your natural hair and your extensions. You don’t need many for a beautiful head of curls, your hair stays healthy, and the aren’t terrible to sleep on! Apply every night to dry hair (never got to bed with wet hair with your extensions) and fluff in the morning! 85-90% dry hair will give you a beautiful set the next day as well!


For more tips and tricks on how to maintain your flawless extensions, finding the perfect texture match, and more education on extensions all together, be sure to subscribe today!!

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