K-Tip Extensions

K-tip extensions or keratin fusion extensions are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to hair extensions. The lightweight, strand-for-strand extension method is virtuously seamless !

K-Tip Benefits

They’re undetectable due to the small keratin bonds throughout the hair. Since there is no cylinder holding the hair in place it is more flat and far easier to conceal. Each install is customized for each client which always allows you to have the perfect amount of density for your own hair type and texture. This method is perfect for my fine to medium hair women.

The Consultation

During your consultation for your k-tip extensions, desired color, length, and styling are determined. We go over the amount of time it will take for the installation and the entire process. This will also give me the opportunity to customize your k-tip extensions before our appointment. That way, the installation process is quick and easy. We’ll also discuss proper maintenance and products to keep your hair looking beautiful at home. Make sure to bring any and all of your questions to your consultation. Doing so will help us be on the same page.

Your Appointment

At your appointment, we will shampoo, condition, and press your natural hair if it’s needed. If a cut is necessary we will do that at this time also to ensure the health of your natural hair before your install. Next, I will carefully place each bond in place based on the natural density of you own hair. This keeps the integrity in tack and allows for a super healthy grow out of you k-tip extensions. From there we will blend your k tips into your natural hair by lightly layering it. This creates movement and body which gives the hair a very natural flow. Finally, we give you your desired style to set it off!

K-Tip Maintenance

Brushing you k-tip extensions daily, tying them up at night, not sleeping on wet hair, and using quality products is going to be essential in keeping up with your beautiful new hair extensions. I always recommend a good blowout from the salon every 2-3 weeks. This will allow the stylist to carefully examine each strand to make sure that you’re doing a great job with your home care, and also it keeps your hair healthy and beautiful.

Your Keratin extension install will last you 12-16 weeks before they need to be professionally removed. The hair is not reusable for this method due to the break down of the keratin creating loose hair out of of the actual extensions. Once the keratin bond has been broken, the extension easily slides out of your hair. From there the dead hair shed is removed from your natural hair, it’s shampooed and blown dry to give you a fresh canvas for your next style.

If you have made it this far into this blog that obviously means that you are intrigued by keratin extensions! Follow the link to book your extension consultation today. I looking forward to making your hair look absolutely beautiful!!!

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