Which Extensions Are Best For Transitioning Hair ?

Transitioning from relaxed hair back to natural is such huge deal and sometimes a lot of work. There are so many extensions methods on the scene now. It’s sometimes hard for women to know what is best for them and their hair. Should you just transition or should you use extension in between.

I always explain to women who want to be natural that they need to know exactly what it is that they expect from their natural hair first. Do you plan to wear it straight, would you prefer to rock your natural curls, or both?

Transitioning From Straight

If you decide that you will be wearing your hair in a straight state, itips or microlinks would be great. They both help in transitioning because they blend flawlessly into your natural hair. iTips allow you the ability to get to your scalp for different treatments. It can also save your edges from the tension from braids and to keep up with your natural hair. All of this while still giving your client the look !

Transitioning To Curly Hair

If curly hair is more of what you desire you still have options. You have the ability to wear microlinks or itips. The both avoid heat by simply wearing your extensions in its natural curly state as well. Sewins are also awesome because there is no need to apply heat to your hair with a closure or frontal. The less you manipulate or heat style your hair the better it does while its in a sew in, and when done properly, will always continue to be a staple style !

It’s All Beneficial

Every one of these styles has its benefits and it really just boils down to preference. I strongly advise having a professional (me) to provide these services who has been properly trained in these type of extension services to avoid tension and breakage, especially while the hair is already in a more fragile state from transitioning. Don’t forget the purpose of any extensions is to protect your hair and grow it out, so don’t forget your trims and treatments in between installs !!


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8 thoughts on “Which Extensions Are Best For Transitioning Hair ?

  1. What is your feelings about older women… Going into the hair business of selling hair? And what is the best way to start… thank you

    1. I think that age has absolutely nothing to do with it. You have the experience because you wear it yourself, you know what people want, and that all one is a great reason to start. Knowing which avenue you’d like to go down is always important. Do you want to sell wigs, bundles, medical wigs?… which direction would you like to go down. Then you’d need a supplier. I can help you there. There are a few components that will go along with it, but that is a great place to start. Write it all done on paper

  2. Thank you for your response ..Will make a list today… thank for your kind Information…

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