Microlinks, Nbr, Hand-Tied Wefts, Beaded Rows… What Are They ?

As different as they all may sound, the truth is they are all exactly the same. Different stylist around the world coined their own style of the method and give it the name that it has now. As a stylist who caters to all hair textures, I’ve noticed that the name varies based on the ethnicity of the person, but I can assure you that it is all the same thing.

What is cool about these extension is that is can be customized to each individual person based on the density and the texture of their hair, and they are really good on women who have fine textures of hair. There are about 8 different methods that can be used and varies on a case by case basis. Each method allows the extensions (or track) to lay completely flat to the scalp giving of the most realistic appearance as possible, while causing no damage to the integrity of the hair. Some of the methods require thread, and some don’t which allows for maximum safety due to less tension from thread. My favorite this is that there is absolutely no pain after your install, you have access to always get to your real hair for proper cleaning and treatments, and you are literally able to protect your edges!!! Thats huge for black women!! These extensions are luxury and they do require maintenance every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair nice and healthy. Please feel free to comment your questions below, and keep in mind that the best way for me to answer your personal questions is with a consultation. I hope this was semi helpful!!

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