Difference Between Wigs

With so many options for wigs, it’s hard to determine which one is going to be best for you. So I’m going to give you the 411 on custom wigs, frontal laces and full lace units !

Wig In Units & Pieces

\I think it’s sometimes a little confusing to know exactly what it is that we actually want. To help, we are going to go over each option so that you can know what is best for you. Let’s go over the first one, which is my absolute favorite; custom units.

Custom Units

These custom units are exactly that ! They are custom made to fit your exact head size and style. When creating the unit you have the option to use either a closure of any size, or a frontal.

Closure pieces typically come in 4×4 or 5×5 inches. This allows you to be able to move your part wherever you’d like within that square inch space provided. When done correctly, closures can look as if they are coming directly from your scalp.

Frontals pieces are from ear to ear, and allow you to pull the hair into a high ponytail. It will also give you multiple parting areas and versatility in styling. These babies also give the illusion of hair coming directly from the scalp.

What’s so awesome about them both is that you get to replace that specific piece once the hair starts to shed overtime. They care either glueless or an adhesive Is applied for longer staying power.

Lacefront Wigs

Different from pieces, where some of your natural hair is still out, lacefronts cover everything.

Frontal Lace Wigs

Frontal lace wigs are hand tied, 13×4 inches and are less expensive than custom units or full lace wigs.The styling options allow you to part anywhere in the 13×4 inch section to create your styles. The longevity of this type of unit is anywhere from 6 month to a year. Once they are done they cannot be repaired. These have a very authentic and natural look due to the lace in the hairline. They are super easy to take on and off, making is convenient for women who love to change up their looks often.

Full Lace

These units are constructed from a lace cap that cover the whole head giving the most options when it comes to styling. These units can be pulled into high ponytails which gives a more natural look. The longevity is typically 6 months to a year and once the unit is done it cannot be repaired. The biggest con of a full lace unit is that they are a lot more expensive that any other wig units.

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I hope that this information will assist you in choosing the best option the best that suites your needs. Shop Jolorah & Co for all of your Burmese and Virgin bundles, Custom units, Full and frontal lace wigs.

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